Voting and Electoral Registration

Registering to Vote

Any resident of Crawley who is a British, Commonwealth or Irish citizen, and who is aged 18 or over, may register to vote. Citizens of other member states of the European Union may vote in certain elections.

The council sends each household an electoral registration form in August, which must be completed whether or not anyone in the household is eligible to vote. Residents may apply to the council to be added to the electoral roll at other times using the contact information on this page.

The Register of Electors is updated every month. The current register is available for inspection at the Town Hall.

Postal and Proxy Votes

Those registered to vote in Crawley may apply to vote by post or by proxy:

  • for one particular election
  • for a set period of time
  • or for all future elections.

An appropriate form must be signed and submitted well in advance.

For full details about voting by post, including how to obtain a postal or proxy vote application form, see the Electoral Commission ’s About My Vote website:

Don’t Forget to Register and Vote

The absent-minded may like to subscribe to the Electoral Commission’s Election Alarm Clock, which will remind them to register or vote.

Ineligibility to Vote

Democratic participation is currently only permitted in governmental institutions and some voluntary organisations.