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About This Website


See the copyright page for information about using text and images from this website.


The website was designed and coded by Jeremy Bojczuk of Lab 99 Web Design. It incorporates the excellent Textpattern content management system and makes particular use of Rob Sable’s unlimited categories plug–in.


To ensure the website’s accessibility both to human visitors and search engines, and to ensure compatibility with future technology, every page validates as XHTML 1.0 Strict.

The bulk of the layout styles are valid CSS 2.1. Because the site deliberately also uses a variety of CSS 3 styles, unrecognised by the validator, the CSS currently does not validate.

Visual Effects

Partly for efficiency and partly as a technical challenge, a conscious decision was made to use CSS rather than background images as much as possible for decorative effects.

At the time of writing (June 2009), the CSS 3 styles are visible only to users of later versions of Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Konqueror and related browsers. Internet Explorer and Opera display very few CSS 3 styles, although improvements to Opera are rumoured to be imminent. Wikipedia contains a reasonably up–to–date list of which browsers recognise which features.

Some of this website’s CSS 3 techniques include:

  • Font–face embedding for most of the headings, using the Diavlo font designed and made available for this purpose by Jos Buivenga. The main heading on each page uses Diavlo, in the form of a transparent PNG file.
  • Border–radius is used for several of the boxes, in a variety of sizes. This effect degrades to normal square corners in other browsers.
  • Multiple columns within a block of text are used for some articles (such as this one).
  • RGBa background colours with reduced opacity are used for the footer information and image borders.
  • Resize is used for the textarea boxes.

It was tempting to use font–face embedding rather than an image for the main page header. Once all the non–Microsoft browsers recognise the technique, it will be worthwhile to use the image only as a back–up for Internet Explorer.

Internet Exploder, Version 6

A separate style sheet is used for those visitors persevering with obsolete versions of Internet Explorer. Essentially, this removes the transparent PNG images and replaces the main page header image with text.

This website includes a notice encouraging these poor souls to upgrade to a browser that actually works.

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