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History of Crawley

Prehistory: Flint Tools, Bronze and Iron

There were settlements on or near the current site of Crawley from the Bronze Age. Many iron furnaces existed before and during Roman times.

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From Saxons to the Turnpike

Saxon settlers cleared more of the forest, and increased agriculture and trade. With the growth of stage coach traffic between London and the south coast, Crawley expanded further.

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The 19th Century: Steam-Powered Expansion

Stage coach traffic was supplanted from the mid-19th century by the steam locomotive. Railway stations at Three Bridges and at Crawley High Street encouraged further development, and the village gradually became a town.

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Crawley New Town: the 20th Century Expansion

Modern Crawley was one of several New Towns created after the second world war to accommodate a total of one and a half million Londoners. Crawley’s population increased to 30,000 by 1956, and currently stands at about 100,000.

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