Crawley Leisure Park

Crawley Leisure Park, located just north of the High Street at the junction of London Road (the A2219) and Ifield Avenue, contains a number of chain restaurants and other places of entertainment, as well as a large, free car park. It surrounds the town’s fire station on three sides.

Tenants come and go over the years. All the information below and in the linked pages was correct in September 2023.

Plan of Crawley Leisure Park with units marked

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Nuffield Health’s Fitness and Wellbeing Gym (Unit 3). Update: this business closed at the end of November 2023. The owners of Crawley Leisure Park intend to redevelop the area occupied by Unit 3.

Getting There by Road

Crawley Leisure Park is at the junction of Ifield Avenue and London Road (the A2219). Its postcode is RH10 8LR.

It is close to the A23:

  • From the south, follow the A23 to the roundabout that contains a giant red and white football, by Crawley Town Football Club's stadium and the K2 leisure centre. Continue on the A23 past the first roundabout you come to, and take the third exit at the next roundabout, onto Ifield Avenue. Follow Ifield Avenue for about 300 metres until you see the main entrance to Crawley Leisure Park on your left.
  • From the north, leave the A23 at the Tushmore roundabout, and follow the A2219 toward the town centre for about 400 metres until you see Crawley Leisure Park to your right. You can enter the car park by taking the third exit at the first roundabout you come to, or you can carry on for a short distance until the next roundabout and take the third exit onto Ifield Avenue; the main entrance is the first road on the right.
  • Alternatively from the north, stay on the A23 until the next roundabout. When the road widens into three lanes, get in the left-hand lane, then take the first exit onto Ifield Avenue. The main entrance will be on your left after about 300 metres.

From the M23, leave at junction 10 and follow the A2011 (Crawley Avenue) toward Crawley for about three miles, until you reach the first set of traffic lights: the Tushmore roundabout. Take the first exit, and follow the A2219 toward the town centre. After about 400 metres you will see Crawley Leisure Park to your right.

Car Parking

Crawley Leisure Park contains spaces for about 1000 cars in the open area adjacent to Ifield Avenue. This car park is free of charge. The main entrance to the car park is on Ifield Avenue, with another entrance on London Road. A small number of parking spaces have been reserved for holders of disabled badges, near Cineworld and the main restaurant area.

There is also a multi-storey car park in the north-west corner of the leisure park, i.e. in the top left corner facing those using the Ifield Avenue entrance.

Bus and Train Access

Crawley Leisure Park is about 10 minutes’ walk from both Crawley railway station and Crawley bus station.

Walking Directions:

  1. From the railway station, turn left.
    From the bus station, face the railway station and then turn right.
  2. Follow Station Way (the A2220) for about 250 metres until you arrive at a T-junction by the level crossing and the Taj Mahal restaurant.
  3. Turn right onto the High Street (the A2219) and go straight on for about 50 metres.
  4. The road splits and goes left and right at a set of traffic lights. Walk straight on across the traffic light system, and continue along Crawley High Street.
  5. After about 500 metres, you will come to a roundabout. Crawley Leisure Park will be ahead of you to your left, by the fire station.

Bus Details

Metrobus routes 4, 5 and 10 stop close to Crawley Leisure Park. The journey to or from Crawley bus station takes about two minutes. For up-to-date timetables, with links to PDF route maps, see:

For a continuously updated list of expected arrival times of buses serving the Crawley Multiplex bus stop, see (requires Javascript).

Poor Website

Crawley Leisure Park has a website (, but it isn’t very good (at least, it was a bit rubbish when checked in September 2023):

  • It contains very little useful information.
  • What information there is, is inaccessible to security-conscious and privacy-conscious users who do not activate Javascript.
  • The website has no contact information: a link to a Contact Us page gives a 404 ‘Page Not Found’ error.
  • Some of the details of individual businesses are incorrect, or at least do not match the details on the businesses’ websites. For example, the opening hours for Bella Italia, Five Guys, Fridays, Harvester, Pizza Hut, Nando’s, Hollywood Bowl, and Caddies differ from the hours on those businesses’ websites. In the case of Harvester, the phone number also does not match that given on the Harvester website; it’s actually the number of a different branch of Harvester, on Haslett Avenue. A branch of Slim Chickens opened early in 2023 but is not mentioned at all. The multi-storey car park, which has been there for years, isn’t mentioned either.

Having a decent, useful, accessible website is clearly not a priority for the owners of Crawley Leisure Park, whoever they are.