Three Bridges Railway Station


  • Direct train services connect Three Bridges with London, Brighton, Horsham, Bognor, Chichester and Portsmouth.
  • The ticket office is theoretically open from 5.55 to 22.15 on Mondays to Saturdays and from 6.40 to 20.45 on Sundays. Allow plenty of time; there are two ticket windows, but at least one of them is usually shut.
  • When both ticket windows are shut, you will be obliged to use one of the automatic ticket machines, if you can find one that isn’t broken, or that only takes credit cards. Allow even more time than if you were buying a ticket from a human being. If you are looking for a one-day travelcard to London, beware: the less extortionately priced option is hidden away, while the more extortionately priced option is on the first screen.
  • A car park with 220 spaces is available 24/7 next to the station. Phone 08451 272920 for details and prices.
  • A modern, covered bike rack, surveilled by CCTV, accommodates 120 bikes.
  • A taxi office is just outside the station.
  • Platforms 3 and 4 contain public toilets which, unlike those at Crawley railway station, are usually not locked.
  • To improve services at Three Bridges Station, consider joining Bring Back British Rail.

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