Crawley Swimming Club

Crawley Swimming Club was formed in 1964, and is affiliated to the south-eastern region of the ASA. The club meets at:

Water Polo in Crawley

Crawley Swimming Club has several water polo teams, whose members train at K2 on Wednesday evenings (seniors only) and Friday evenings (both seniors and juniors).

Membership Levels

Crawley Swimming Club offers several levels of membership, including:

  • Basic: two swims per week at the K2 Leisure Centre; one on Friday evening and one on any morning
  • Basic+1: certain squads get one extra swim, either at Cottesmore School in the morning or at K2 in the evening
  • Inclusive: any number of swims
  • Learners and Improvers: swim at K2 on Friday evenings or at Cottesmore on Mondays and Tuesdays

Children are accepted from the age of 5.

Membership Fees

Current rates can be obtained from the treasurer. The annual membership fee includes insurance and membership of the ASA. Fees are due in October each year, and may be paid annually or quarterly.

Location of K2 Leisure Centre