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Other Crawleys

There are several villages called Crawley in southern England:

Crawley, Oxfordshire

The village of Crawley in Oxfordshire is just north of Witney. It contains two pubs: the Crawley Inn and the Lamb Inn, and used to have a parish church, which is now a private house.

Crawley, Hampshire

Crawley in Hampshire is a village about 5 miles north-west of Winchester. It contains two pubs, the Fox and Hounds and the Rack and Manger.

North Crawley, Buckinghamshire

North Crawley in Buckinghamshire dates from before the Domesday Book, and has a population of about 800 people. The village contains 2 pubs, the Chequers and the Cock, and a community centre, the North Crawley Institute.

As with Crawley in Sussex, the name evolved from the Anglo-Saxon for Crow’s Wood or Crow’s Clearing.


Crawley Green, Luton, Bedfordshire

Crawley Green is a district at the southern end of Luton. The area was named after a family of landowners.

There is no official website, but there is an entry on Wikipedia.

Husborne Crawley, Bedfordshire

Husborne Crawley in Bedfordshire is just to the east of Milton Keynes, and close to the M1. The village is first recorded in 969AD. Again, the name comes from the Anglo-Saxon for Crow’s Wood or Crow’s Clearing.


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