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Norstar Magnetics

Norstar Magnetics, based in Horsham and Crawley, supplies a range of magnetic products that may offer health benefits to humans and animals.

According to the company’s website, “Magnet Therapy offers good results for a relative inexpensive outlay. … Magnets are believed to maintain the natural balance of the body. … Magnets are believed to maintain positive well being.”

Products include (prices correct in September 2014):

  • Thumb Wrap (£25)
  • Elbow Wrap (£40)
  • Knee Wrap (£49)
  • Neck Wrap (£35)
  • Eye Mask (£20)
  • Stress Buster (£40, with optional cover for £8.50)
  • Mattress Pad (£230 – £360)
  • Link Bracelets (£39)
  • Pet Collar (£14 – £19)
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