Hatters Catering Company

Update (June 2018): The premises occupied by Hatters is now occupied by Use Your Loaf..

Hatters Catering Company runs a sandwich bar and baker’s shop in Southgate, Crawley, and offers outside catering.

Hatters Catering

Hatters provide various catering services, including:

  • hot and cold buffets in a variety of styles
  • business lunches and dinners
  • hot and cold menus for private events such as weddings and funerals
  • barbeques
  • catering equipment, including crockery

Hatters Shop

The shop offers a wide range of sandwiches, as well as pastries, sausage rolls, bread and drinks.

Location and Parking

Hatters Catering’s sandwich bar and bakery is in the parade of shops in Southgate, which has a car park right outside: