Crawley Hockey Club

Crawley Hockey Club now has about 150 members, and welcomes anyone interested in hockey, whatever their level of skill.


Training and home matches take place on the astroturf pitch at Hazelwick School:

Training takes place on Wednesdays at 8pm for seniors, and on Saturdays at 9am for juniors.

On social occasions, Crawley Hockey club uses the facilities at Three Bridges Cricket Club.


There is an annual subscription and a match fee to cover expenses. Subscriptions may be paid by direct debit.

  • Adult men: £240 (match fee: £2 home, £3 away)
  • Student men: £80 (match fee: £2 home, £3 away)
  • Adult women: £100 (match fee: £7)
  • Student women: £40 (match fee: £7)
  • Juniors, school years 3-7: £20 per family plus £10 per term per child
  • Juniors, school years 8 and 9: £50 (includes Saturday morning training)
  • Juniors, school years 10 and 11: £80 (includes Saturday morning training)