Crawley Archery Club

Crawley Archery Club is the only club in the area that practises both field and target archery. It organises competitions which attract some of the country’s leading archers.

Times and Venues

Crawley Archery Club meets:

  • in the summer, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings, and Saturday mornings;
  • and on Sunday mornings in winter.

Field and target practice is at Furnace wood, Copthorne. Target archery takes place at Hazlewick School over the drier months. In the winter, indoor shooting takes place at Copthorne Preparatory School.


Annual fees range from £10 for junior members to £70 for full members (prices correct as of July 2012). There is an extra charge for indoor shooting in winter.


Members of Crawley Archery Club may borrow from the club’s store of tools, including arrow straighteners, fletching jigs, and arrow speed indicators.